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It is in the details

Little LampThis lamp in my living-room sheds a  beautiful light, very comfortable to read and it gives a new life to the space after dark. For this assignment, while working in this “Close Up”, is when I realize about its little imperfections and dust that have been accumulating unnoticed. It could be maybe a reminder for cleaning up, but why waste an opportunity for wisdom?

Let’s see a short lesson here that teaches us about how things, situations, or even people, seem to be so different when we look up close. Our understanding could be built upon first impressions, our discernment or believes, but how amusing it is to look at it “change” when we look through another lens, when we look closer, when we pay attention, when we learn its reality.

In our day to day, I wonder if our lives, and the ones of those around us, would be able to harmonize, or merely soften the edges between us; should we just slow down and for an instant, become aware of  the details…

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