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The School of Life

In our choices, who sets the limits to our freedom?

It is very likely that many of us daydream about one good day kicking the spurs and take off to some faraway land, speak another language, become part of another culture, enjoy or suffer a different weather and even drive “on the wrong side” of the road. Sometimes these dreams are neither so big or wild, could be more simple, we could dream about a different job, position, physical appearance, learn a new craft, hobby or start doing something you always wanted to do; like writing about “whatever”… just like I am doing right at this moment… and yes, even if you would find yourself struggling to pull out the words so nothing is lost in translation, because you are attempting to write in another language.

Undoubtedly, in our dreams, where we are the most determined and self-assured superhero ever conceived, there is no limit for us. We rejoice in the idea of fulfilling the tiniest bit of that dream. Problem is, how often we take shelter in those dreams, escaping from a reality we dislike, but we apparently prefer to serve with a estrange devotion. Each dream seems to be the next great thing that will take us where we understand we must be. Regardless reason plays a role or not there, we might not be willing to do what it takes to make the dreams come true; all the opposite, we could be sabotaging ourselves instead.

When we do this, we are not dreaming and we are far from being superheroes, we are hallucinating and lucky enough, we are phantasms. This mirage could be the gift of the suffocation we submit ourselves to, encased in our fears like a fly trapped in the sap of a dying tree, without any hope of enduring long enough to ever turning into something valuable. The perfect excuse will be right on hand to cut the wings to any good idea which threatens to throw us in front of challenges, changes or the unknown. Yet, is everybody’s right to choose taking to an absurd extreme the resistance to change, but maybe it is not to judge those who dare to take those fears to the trash can.

Living uncomfortably, in disgust, fearing to be judged by other prisoners of themselves; is a waste of this brief gift we are given called life. Real dreaming is a rare craft at the reach of every single person with no exception, and its sole demand is disciplined action; and that is how we become architects of our reality. It takes courage and a great deal of insanity – according to those left behind the bars – to take the leap and jump into any venture we understand will take us to a better version of ourselves. Daring people are often rejected and even considered outcasts, at first… but at the end they are the people the prisoners of themselves write about… it could be one way or the other, for all they care.

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